How it started…

The fight

The fight started in July 2016, when Dimitris Lois was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After two rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors concluded that a bone marrow transplant was required to avoid the constant relapse of the disease. The need was dire: Without a new bone marrow there was no hope of survival; delaying the transplant would mean another round of chemotherapy, with its potential complications.

As the weeks passed by without a compatible donor, Dimitris began to understand how difficult it is to find a match – sometimes, in some regions the chances are very slim. He was fortunate enough to find one – even though it took longer than we wished. During this wait, as well as during the next few months when he bravely fought for his life every single day, he decided to dedicate his life to a new purpose. That was when the seeds of Choose Life were sown.



Throughout his illness, he continued to develop his vision. He wanted to create lasting impact for those affected by leukemia, reminding everyone to stay positive and to never stop dreaming, even in the hardest of times, foregrounding the power of giving, and inviting everyone to choose life.

This charitable organization –that he named after his favorite phrase, “Choose Life”– is the fruit of his vision.

Our Mission



Increase Bone Marrow Donor Base

To expand the volunteer bone marrow donor base, increasing the chances of finding a match for patients who need to undergo transplant.


Fund Research

To support research on new and promising treatments which could increase patients’ survival rates, and on methods which could improve their quality of life.


Support Patients

To provide any kind of tangible and intangible support to patients and their families who are suffering from leukemia and other blood-related illnesses.



Help patients and their caregivers in any possible way


To people fighting with a blood related illness and to their caregivers


Being honest and holding strong moral principles with regards to all the matters that Choose Life deals with


Bringing people together to share knowledge and ideas that could contribute to our vision


Inspiring people to always stay strong and positive

What we do

Support Patients & Families

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Increase bone marrow donor base

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Fund Research

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our team


Mari Evgenidou Loi

Chairman & Founder

Aspasia Loi


Maria Christina Loi


Prof. Alexandros Spyridonidis

Head of Medical Committee

Dr. Katrina Koutsi

Member of Medical Committee

George Drimiotis

General Advisor

contact us

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