Get involved

Professional volunteers can come from various fields to offer their help depending on the needs of Choose Life and according to their background:

Health professionals such as psychologists, occupational therapists

Communication professionals such as graphic designers, translators, bloggers etc

Lawyers and financial advisors

Volunteer work from home

Spread the word about our causes

Volunteer in an activity

Work in our offices

Help in the communication with the supporters of our programs

Organise events

Distribute informative material

Participate in the activities of the association

Become a bone marrow donor

• Donor registers with global database using simple (cutip) DNA test•

• Donor is notified if a match is found

 Match depends on bone marrow tissue type (primarily Human Leukocyte Antigen-HLA)

 Odds of match increase if donor and patient are from same race, country or family

• Donor takes additional test and info sessions

• Decision on type of donation is made

 PBSC: Peripheral blood stem cell donation (5 self-administered injections for 5 days, extraction of blood-forming cells from the bloodstream over 3 hours) (80% of the times)

 or Bone marrow donation (anesthesia, bone marrow extraction) (20% of the times)

• (Overall time of donor needed: 20-30 hours over 4-6 weeks)

Corporate support

Help Choose Life either by contributing directly to its mission by supporting one of the parent initiatives or by providing in kind.

Create CSR days for your employees, to raise awareness about how easy it is to become a bone marrow donor. Encourage them to become volunteer donors and support Choose Life by paying the amount for the cutip to be analyzed and for the person to be officially registered in the World Bone Marrow bank.

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