Latest Events

Partnership with Cosmote

New CSR partnership with Cosmote to raise awareness among employees and increase the number of volunteer bone marrow donors.

Allo Allo

The theatre team of alumni from Athens College performed the play “Allo Allo”. The proceeds from the performance were given to Choose Life to support its mission.

Choose Life Scholarship

The “Choose Life-Dimitris Lois” scholarship was established in the Geneva University Hospital to support research for new treatments of blood cancer.

Partnership with Cardlink

First CSR partnership with Cardlink to raise awareness for bone marrow donation. After a successful CSR week, 50% of its employees entered the world bone marrow registry.

Honorary Award University of Patras

President Prof. Kyriazopoulou and the faculty honored Choose Life for its contribution in the fight against blood cancer.

Collaboration with
“Save a Life – CBMDP

Collaboration with “Save a Life – CBMDP”: Financially contributing to the HLA typing of 10,000 newly registered volunteer bone marrow donors.

29th Convention of Associations for Blood Donors

Presentation of Choose Life and its mission during the 29th convention of associations for Blood Donors in Patras.

29th National Heamatological

Presentation of Choose Life and its mission during the 29th National Hematological Conference in Thessaloniki.